Ilchi Lee Announces New York State Proclaiming Brain Education Week

A day before the opening of the 3rd International Brain HSP Olympiad and Brain Education Conference, Ellenville, NY, August 10-12, 2007, Ilchi Lee announced that the New York State Senate had issued a proclamation declaring Brain Education Week in the State to be August 6-12, 2007.

New York State Proclaims Brain Education Week

Leading this proclamation through the New York State Senate was Senator John J. Bonacic. Ilchi Lee extended his gratitude to Senator Bonacic for this special recognition on behalf of the Olympiad and Conference sponsors — International Brain Education Association (Sedona, AZ), and Korea Institute of Brain Science (Seoul), both of which he heads.

The official proclamation congratulated the sponsors of the Olympiad Conference on the merits of Brain Education, and on holding these events in New York State, which has a proud history of innovating and adopting advances in educational philosophy and programs. In the proclamation document, Brain Education was depicted as a new educational approach firmly based on the latest scientific findings of brain research, and compatible with the imperatives of education children in schools and young adults in colleges for the challenges of a changing, globalizing and digitizing world.

Understanding the human brain in terms of the development of positive human behavior is critically important to the quality of life of the individual people. Building educational programs and methods to enhance the power and potential of the human brain is the cutting edge of fostering the development of children as healthy, happy, peaceful and high-performing learners and future contributors to society’s institutions. Brain Education was recognized as a significant field of study and application. The Olympiad and Conference were considered to be timely and important events in the spreading of awareness of Brain Education and the benefits that can result from it.

Ilchi Lee Announces that KIBS Is Designated as an NGO in Consultative Status by the UN

As the founder and president of Korea Institute of Brain Science (KIBS), Seoul, Ilchi Lee announced that the United Nations, Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), at its Annual Ministerial Review meeting at the UN Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, voted to designate KIBS as a Non-governmental Organization (NGO) in Roster Consultative Status of ECOSOC, July 20, 2007.

The granting of this status recognizes the importance and potential of KIBS’s scientific research on Brain Education and its prospects to contribute to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals — including health, education, empowerment, economics and peace for the world — by 2015.

KIBS is an international nonprofit organization, based in Korea, established to facilitate the development of science, medical science and education, in order to improve the world’s health and contribute to the peacefulness of people.

With its Roster Consultative Status, KIBS is eligible to attend meetings of ECOSOC and its various agencies, engage with other NGOs in UN-sponsored projects and events, and use the facilities of the UN for KIBS-sponsored events to promote Brain Education. KIBS was one of 89 NGOs to be approved by ECOSOC on July 20, bringing the total NGOs with Consultative Status to 2,856, of which 970 have Roster Consultative Status.

Ilchi Lee Introduces Brain Education to Costa Rica

The President of the Republic of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias-Sanchez invited Ilchi Lee to be his national honored guest, May 26-June 1, 2007. In meetings with the President, Ilchi Lee formally introduced his Brain Education approach, and its potential to advance Costa Rica’s public educational system.

The president has long expressed his admiration for the contribution that Ilchi Lee has made to the health, happiness and peace of individuals and the world. Often called the Switzerland of Central America, Costa Rica stands out in terms of its economic health, political stability, eco-tourist achievements, and government services for its citizens. The prospects are positive for Brain Education to be integrated into Costa Rica’s school system. With Costa Rica becoming a role model for Brain Education in the schools, this methodology is likely to spread to the other Central American countries.

Ilchi Lee introduces Brain Education to Costa RicaIlchi Lee addressed the administrators of the University of Peace in Costa Rica, which has a sister relationship with the University of Brain Education (UBE) in South Korea, of which Ilchi Lee is the founder and president. (UBE, previously called the International Graduate University of Peace, has academic programs that focus on enhancing the peace outcomes of Brain Education.) He lectured on the Jangsaeng (Longevity in Korean) Walking Method and Brain Education. Also on this visit, he devoted himself to strengthening the goodwill relationship between South Korea and Costa Rica.