Earth Citizen Consciousness

Earth Citizen by Ilchi LeeOurs is a society in which citizens worry about their country more than the state worries about its citizens. Therefore, citizen consciousness is gradually becoming more important.

What kind of consciousness should citizens have? Ilchi Lee says should have an Earth Citizen consciousness. Earth Citizens, as defined by this New York Times bestselling author, are people who look to benefit all, the whole earth. Their concern transcends the borders of nations and the divisions between religions. With such a wide and lofty spirit and philosophy, Earth Citizens can change individual lifestyles and social policies.

Their awareness that everything on Earth (and everywhere) is interconnected drives Earth Citizens to overcome any doubt, fear, depression, or anger they may face in their lives and act for the good of all. The thoughts, words, and actions of Earth Citizens are harmonious with treating themselves well as they treat all others well. When they make decisions, for each option they consider, they ask themselves, “Is this good for me, for others, and for the Earth?” The options they choose are the ones for which they can answer yes to all three.

Why live as an Earth Citizen? Because an Earth Citizen consciousness and lifestyle is one that makes you profoundly peaceful and happy. And when you do things that are good for you, but not good for others and the Earth, the negative consequences that result will affect you someday. We breathe the same air, drink the same water, and walk on the same land; what we do reverberates through them.

To spread the Earth Citizen consciousness, Ilchi Lee initiated the Earth Citizen Movement. The torch he lit is now being carried by thousands of others, organized by the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO). The primary actions of ECO members and leaders are to awaken people’s empathy and compassion through the mind-body training developed by Ilchi Lee. This naturally leads to adopting an Earth Citizen consciousness, which can lead to better choices for a better future for all.

Power Brain kids

– 12 Easy Lessons to Ignite Your Childs’ Potential


Power Brain Kids by Ilchi LeeThis book can transform the lives of your children! Rosemary White Shield, Ph.D., Iowa State University, states that Power Brain Kids is “wonderful and revolutionary…congruent with the holistic view of education—to help facilitate, support and expand the growth of all persons in their experience of life.” The 12 fun and easy-to-follow lessons feature exciting and practical techniques for improving children’s concentration, memory, self-control, creativity, mind-body connection, confidence and self-discipline.

Human Technology

Hardcover / Paperback / Audiobook

Human Technology by Ilchi LeeIlchi Lee presents a toolkit for self-reliant management of the core issues of life: health, family and life purpose. Meditation, breath-work and oriental healing arts are offered as personal health management skills. A distinctive perspective on relationships and an inspirational guide to discover one’s passionate life purpose are featured. This book also includes a practical guide to optimize our life’s master controller—the brain.

Brain Respiration


Brain Respiration by Ilchi LeeThe human brain is the nexus for the meeting of body, mind and spirit. Through conscious practice of Brain Respiration, you will develop a “power brain” that may be characterized as creative, peaceful and productive. This book provides you with the principles and methodology of Brain Respiration.

Healing Society


Healing Society by Ilchi LeeIlchi Lee’s first book released in English reached #1 in overall sales ranking within a month of publication. The author emphasizes throughout the book that enlightenment is not just for a selet few, but available to everyone. This book includes stories of the author’s personal experiences in his quest to find the meaning of life.

The Twelve Enlightenments for Healing Society


12 Englightenments for healing society Ilchi LeeIlchi Lee offers readers the practical tools to “stop seeking enlightenment and start acting it.” He shows readers how to become what he calls “enlightened activists” and push past the artificial boundaries of institutions that prevent us from realizing we are all members of the human society.

The Soul Needs Training To Grow

Audio CD

The Soul Needs Training To GrowIn a speech punctuated by music and humor, Ilchi Lee shatters our fixed concepts of spirituality and talks about the true meaning of growth of the soul. This audio lecture CD contains Ilchi Lee’s insightful lecture from Humanity Team’s Gathering in Portland, OR.

Beyond the Name and Personality

Audio CD

Ilchi Lee's audio CD: Beyond the Name and PersonalityIlchi Lee addresses how you can live your life utilizing the true creator within, combining his unique words of wisdom with special training and healing music. This audio CD features his exciting lecture from the Meeting with the Creator event in Sedona, AZ.

Peace in the Brain

Audio CD

Here is a beautiful encounter between Ilchi Lee and future leaders of the world, originally a guided training focusing on finding your rhythm of life. This audio CD is based on an enthusiastic lecture to youths from six countries gathered at a leadership conference in Sedona, AZ.