“The most precious gift we can give our children is to let questions of the purpose of their existence grow naturally in them, and respond to their questions with the wisdom we have gained from our life experiences. Of course, our answer doesn’t automatically become theirs. They will each find their own path in life. It may be vastly different from ours, or it could be one that is an extension of our experience. In either case, having a sincere exchange about our passion and life purpose gives our children confidence. Their trust and respect for us will grow.”

Choosing Happiness

“Many people feel that they can only be happy and peaceful when they are given the right circumstances and conditions. However, we can be at peace and be content in this moment now, at this place now. This is our choice. There is nothing that is blocking this choice. Only our thoughts are obscuring this choice. Why can’t we be content and happy without conditions? Enlightenment is a choice that continues from instant to instant, from moment to moment.”


“Transience is the most general phenomenon of the cosmos. Change is the only changeless reality. Seasons, livelihoods, personal relationships—all of these will change. Our experiences in life are transient and relative. Only death is certain, completing the cycle of life that begins with birth. By meditating upon this truth, we recognize that we, too, are manifestations of transience. When we understand this teaching deeply, we become humble and sincere. We treasure each moment and endeavor to do our best. We feel less stress and become more accepting of the diverse phenomena of life. If something ‘good’ happens we can feel the joy and be thankful. But we know that the conditions for the situation will not last forever, and we do not become attached to the feeling. We will simply consider every moment and every experience as a blessing.

12 Maxims for Authentic Living

  1. Return to your breath and body as tools for your health.
  2. Breathe slowly, deeply and lightly, especially when you are upset.
  3. Keep a fire in the belly and a cool head.
  4. Celebrate your sexuality with purpose and responsibility.
  5. Listen for the voice of your soul until you find your passionate life purpose.
  6. Embrace suffering and emptiness as the foundation of enlightenment.
  7. Live as your soul directs with honesty, integrity, and diligence.
  8. Train your body so that change feels better than habit.
  9. Smile and be at peace for no reason.
  10. Recognize that you are what you choose and what you act.
  11. When you need an answer, ask your brain.
  12. Remember to exhale at the moment of death.