Ilchi Lee’s “The Walking Cure” Is #1 Among Health Books in South Korea

In less than one month since its publication debut in South Korea on May 5, Ilchi Lee’s latest book The Walking Cure became the #1 best seller among the category of health books.

Ilchi lee's book #1 among health books in South KoreaThe book describes the Jangsaeng (Longevity in Korean) Walking Method, developed by the author to maximize regular walking’s health effects – longer life, reduced stress, less disease, greater brain activity, and more vitality. He lays out the health benefits of Jangsaeng Walking, its scientific-medical justification, and the simple rules to make it one’s natural way of walking for better physical and mental health.

The book was selected by the Korea National Sport University for use in its program for improving the health of CEOs in South Korea. International expressions of interest in the book have been strong in China and Taiwan.