3 Simple Tips for Sustainable Living

From making your own eco-friendly products to selecting energy efficient appliances, there are many ways to enhance sustainability. 

As Ilchi Lee emphasizes in his teachings, all citizens of the planet must live with Mother Earth in mind. However, with the modern world's focus on electronics, consumerism and comforts, it can be difficult to follow a lifestyle focused on sustainability. As Ilchi Lee explains in his book, "Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential," finding a natural sense of balance is key.

"Continuous external growth, like continuous inhaling, is not sustainable," Lee wrote. "But because we have been inhaling for so long, consuming for so long, even though we see that it can't go on this way, we don't know how to alter the pattern. We have to recover our natural sense of balance . . . only when we exhale can we inhale again, and that's how life continues."

With that in mind, consider these simple ways you can make everyday living more environmentally sustainable:

Opt Out of Junk Mail
Many people simply throw away the onslaught of flyers and other unwanted letters they receive in the mail. Even recycling these products is not enough – get yourself removed from these mailing lists altogether to reduce the volume of junk mail and, in turn, the number of trees and other resources wasted on these materials. Certain sites such as Catalog Choice allow you to opt out of several mailing lists at once.

Make Your Own Cleaning Products
Using eco-friendly cleaning supplies is a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint. However, the cost of such products can add up fast. Earth Easy recommends making your own non-toxic all-purpose cleaner using basic household ingredients: Mix a 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/2 gallon water for a cleaner that can be used on bathroom, kitchen and other surfaces throughout the home.

Shut Down at Night
You've probably heard it countless times from your parents: Turn off the lights when you're not using them. The same applies for all aspects of everyday living. Make sure to shut down your computer every night or when you will be away for an extended period. You should do the same for your monitor, printer, speakers, television and all other electronics. Additionally, select appliances and electronics developed for optimal energy efficiency.

What other small changes can you make in everyday life to increase sustainability?