3 Sustainability Tips for Spring

Earth Citizens and all of Mother Earth’s children can make small changed to help protect the world’s natural resources. 

Spring is a wonderful time of year that prompts people to head outside, soak up some sun and explore the beauty of nature. As people spend more time outdoors, they are often reminded of the grave importance of protecting the planet's natural resources.

As Ilchi Lee teaches, living with the earth as the center of your principles is an integral part of being an Earth Citizen, not just during spring, but every single day. If you're looking for ways to live a healthy, sustainable life all year-round, try some of these suggestions:

Carry a Water Bottle
The warm weather and heightened activity may prompt you to drink more water, but avoid purchasing disposable water bottles that are a detriment to the environment. Rather, carry a sealable bottle with you and, when it's empty, fill the container up at a nearby water fountain. If everyone did this, we could spare the world of much of the non-biodegradable trash accumulating in the Pacific Ocean.

Spring Clean Wisely
This time of year is when you bring out the cleaning supplies to clear away the dust that has settled during the winter. However, you should stick to products that are environmentally friendly. Avoid cleaners that contain phosphate, chlorine or bleach, which are toxic to the earth. Fortunately, organic cleaning products are growing in popularity and can be purchased at increasingly affordable prices. Another option is to make your own cleaning supplies – nontoxic ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda can be combined to created a potent yet environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner.

Choose Sunscreen with Sustainability in Mind
Protecting your skin from harmful UV rays is essential, particularly when the weather begins to warm and you spend longer hours outdoors. When shopping for sunscreen, make sure to review the ingredients to ensure that the list does not include nanomaterials, which have been shown to be destructive to the environment. Organic, non-toxic varieties are generally best in terms of sustainability.

These simple tips can help Earth Citizens greatly reduce the negative impact on the earth. Pass these suggestions on to others to help further the efforts to save the world's natural resources.