Ilchi Lee Introduces Brain Education to Costa Rica

The President of the Republic of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias-Sanchez invited Ilchi Lee to be his national honored guest, May 26-June 1, 2007. In meetings with the President, Ilchi Lee formally introduced his Brain Education approach, and its potential to advance Costa Rica’s public educational system.

The president has long expressed his admiration for the contribution that Ilchi Lee has made to the health, happiness and peace of individuals and the world. Often called the Switzerland of Central America, Costa Rica stands out in terms of its economic health, political stability, eco-tourist achievements, and government services for its citizens. The prospects are positive for Brain Education to be integrated into Costa Rica’s school system. With Costa Rica becoming a role model for Brain Education in the schools, this methodology is likely to spread to the other Central American countries.

Ilchi Lee introduces Brain Education to Costa RicaIlchi Lee addressed the administrators of the University of Peace in Costa Rica, which has a sister relationship with the University of Brain Education (UBE) in South Korea, of which Ilchi Lee is the founder and president. (UBE, previously called the International Graduate University of Peace, has academic programs that focus on enhancing the peace outcomes of Brain Education.) He lectured on the Jangsaeng (Longevity in Korean) Walking Method and Brain Education. Also on this visit, he devoted himself to strengthening the goodwill relationship between South Korea and Costa Rica.