Ilchi Lee Addresses Doctors in Houston on Brain Best Practices for Better Health

Ilchi Lee conducted a workshop for 17 physicians, most of them clinical psychologists, presenting¬†Brain Best Practices for Better Health, in Houston’s Tarantino’s Properties Building Conference Room on August 28, 2007.

The lecture was well received, as shown by the many and spirited questions asked by the participants concerning mental and physical health and the interplay between them.

Ilchi Lee spoke about his life journey, especially his overcoming his ADD condition and realizing the profound interconnectedness in the brain of the determinants of our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health. Then he described his Brain Education System Training, or BEST 5, including brain sensitizing, versatilizing, refreshing, integrating, and mastering. In this brain-capability growth approach, one improves one’s brain functioning, lessens the limitations from the past, incorporates new and positive information, and utilizes the brain-body system in new and profound ways to obtain one’s physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual goals.

It was apparent that the doctors in the workshop were eager to learn through experience more concerning the nature, scope and applicability of BEST 5 in the physical and mental health fields.