Why Ilchi Lee Emphasizes the Brain So Much?

Ilchi Lee emphasizes the brain because it is the thing that creates and controls every aspect of human life. Health, feeling and experience, physical movement, motivation and purpose–all of these are based on brain activity. All life can be improved by better use of our brains.

In the past, humanity has tended to ignore the brain because it was poorly understood and under appreciated. But human understanding of the brain is exploding, and now is the time to utilize that knowledge to our best advantage.

All of the answers to life’s challenges reside in the brain. If we can release that potential, I believe that humanity can solve many of the world’s difficult challenges. This is also true for you on a personal level. Do you have too much stress in your life? Relaxing your brain waves can have a profound effect on the stress reaction in your body. Do you have relationship problems? Examining the addictive emotional patterns established in your brain will help you begin to change them, which will in turn to change your interactions with others. Every human problem is created in the brain, and so is every solution. Through better understanding and care of our brain, we gain greater confidence and the capacity for mastering all our life skills.