From His Peers

“Ilchi Lee understands the brain not simply as an organ, but as the center of the whole human body energy system. As such, a holistic approach to developing the brain’s full potential is deeply linked to any struggle for peace that understands individual development. His transcendent work is a constant inspiration, and I am deeply pleased to witness the increasing worldwide influence of Brain Education and its accompanying peace activities.”
Oscar Arias Sanchez, Nobel Peace Laureate

“For Ilchi Lee, enlightenment is not some obscure mystical path attainable only for those few who sit meditating on a mountaintop. He offers a common sense way to fulfillment for every individual. His philosophy guides us to a peaceful world in which all living creatures are accorded respect and compassionate treatment.”
Seymour Topping, author and professor of journalism

“I agree with Ilchi Lee that the brain will be at the center of cultural development. From the viewpoint of the brain, people will analyze and make plans regarding politics, economy, society, and culture. Brain Education’s development and delivery will foster the acceleration of cultural evolution in positive directions. According to Ilchi Lee’s philosophy, when humanity chooses happiness and peace, then substantial progress is possible. I expect that his Brain Education to be a major force in the world’s cultural advancement.”
Hee-Sup Shin, National Scientist Awardee of Korea