Ilchi Lee Interviewed on AM Radio Korea in New York

Ilchi Lee was interviewed on Mi-Seon Jang’s Women’s Salon, a radio program on New York’s AM Radio Korea, August 13, 2007, discussing for 40 minutes (double the planned time) in an entertaining way the topics of Jangsaeng (Longevity) Walking and Brain Education.

Ilchi Lee shared with the local Korean and Korean-American communities news concerning the great success of the recent Third International Brain HSP Olympiad (in Ellenville, NY), the official registration of the Korea Institute of Brain Science as a Brain Education NGO in consultative status with the United Nations, and his recent in-depth conversation with United Nations Secretary-General Ki-moon Ban.

Ilchi Lee explained the core principles of Jangsaeng Walking and Brain Education, which are health-and-youth-enhancing practices and ways for anyone to easily activate the brain and for free. Having thoroughly read several of his books, Mi-seon Jang, the show’s host, expressed a keen interest in Brain Education and Jangsaeng Walking.

After the broadcast, inquiries regarding the purchase of Geuleuma, nal Sallyeora (Walking to Save My Life) poured into Korean bookstores in New York City. In Korea, sales of the book have reached the million-copy mark. In the United States, November is the release month for a completely new version of this book in English with the working title of Walk Your Way to Wellness: Jangsaeng Walking for Lifelong Vitality.