Ilchi Lee Speaks on Innovations in Education at Washington, DC

Ilchi Lee spoke on Innovations in Education, to an audience of 400 people, at the George Washington University Cafritz Conference Center Grand Ballroom, Washington, DC, August 20, 2007.

He discussed his conclusions after three decades of investigating ways to develop the potential of the human brain for the benefit of humanity.

Ilchi Lee Speaks on Innovations in Education at Washington, DC

After explaining the connection between our brain’s functioning and our health, Ilchi Lee introduced the five steps of the Brain Education (BE) program: sensitizing, versatilizing, refreshing, integrating and mastering. Putting words into action, he lead the participants through two BE sensitizing exercises — Jangsaeng Walking and Ji-Gam.

Jangsaeng (or longevity) Walking, is a walking meditation method he developed with Dr. Sung Lee of the Ilchi Center for Applied Neuroscience, Sedona, AZ. Ilchi Lee instructed the participants to tuck in their tailbone to keep the spine long and feel the soles of the feet to circulate energy to vital organs. By implementing the simple guidelines of Jangsaeng Walking, we can activate our brain, and regain and maintain our physical body’s health.

Ilchi Lee introduced a way to calm one’s brain by focusing on the ki or life energy in one’s hands in a sensitizing exercise called Ji-Gam. It is a moving-meditation exercise that in Korean means to stop thinking to calm the brain. He told the participants to sit up straight in their chairs and bring their palms to face each other in front of the chest. Without touching, attendees focused on their palms and slowly began to move them apart and back together to feel the ki sensation.