Ilchi Lee’s Congratulatory Message Read to First International Dahnhak Kigong Competition of Sports

Ilchi Lee, as the  creator of Dahnhak Kigong, a martial arts sport popular in Asia, sent a congratulatory message to be read to the 16,000 participants in the First International Dahnhak Kigong Competition of Sports for All, Jeju, South Korea, September 15, 2007.

Dahnhak Kigong competition

Here are excerpts from Ilchi Lee’s message to the honored guests and participants in the Competition, read at the Opening Ceremony:

The First International Dahnhak Kigong Competition of Sports for All has great meaning in that it has gone beyond South Korea to become an international festival of Dahnhak Kigong shared with the peoples of the world. This is also a sign that the spirit of Dahnhak—working to create a better world for the good of all—is spreading throughout the globe as a spirit of love for humanity and love for the Earth.

Humanity now faces a hopeless crisis of war, famine, and environmental destruction caused by slavish adherence to the interests of nation states and other institutions. Now more than ever the entire world needs a non-zeo-sum philosophy of sangsaeng, of life for you and life for me, of mutual salavation. The answer can be found in the Chun Bu Kyung, an ancient statement of philosophy. The enlightenment that comes from Chun Bu Kyung is found in the brain. This priniciple is the beginning of Brain Education.

Dahnhak is now a for-the-good-of-all Hong-ikphilosophy shared by over a million people worldwide, and it is gaining the spotlight as an approach to mind-body training. Additionally, Brain Education is spreading with the University of Brain Education and International Brain Education Olympiad. Even the United Nations has officially recognizes its value. The Hong-ik Human Spirit and the philosophy of the Chun Bu Kyung are going out into the world through Dahnhak and Brain Education.

I pray that today’s tournament will be deeply meaningful for our fellow Dahnhak Kigong practitioners participating and for our honored guests from around the world. May health, happiness, and peace be with you always.

Dahnhak Kigong competition

The Competition is divided into eight martial-arts fields during the September 15-16 event. The goals of the Competition include: Bringing together dedicated practitioners to celebrate the power and potential of Dahnhak Kigong for themselves and hte world. Acknowledging through eight categories of competitive fields the world-class champions of Dahnhak Kigong. Highlighting the universal merits and applications of Dahnhak Kigong for the health, happiness and peace of all people on this Earth.

The origins of Dahnhak Kigong Training go back in Korean history more than 5,000 years. It began as a program to educate the public in how to develop both the body and mind. For 3,000 years the wise leaders of a Korean civilization saw to it that each generation practiced Kigong, a health-enhancing and self-empowering martial art. Then, 2,000 years ago, use of this traditional system declined in Korea. Dahnhak, the study of life-force energy, was developed by Ilchi Lee in 1980 to revive the ancient exercises for our modern life. Today, there are around 600 Dahn Centers around the world. Dahnhak Kigong rests on the philosophy that health-generating energy, or Ki connects the body and mind. This body-mind health connection is part of a larger belief in the unity of Oneness of invisible wisdom, visible Earth, and humanity. The Dahnhak Kigong method involves accepting and controlling Ki-energy through concentration, movements and breath.

Formed by extensive volcanic activity, Jeju is an island of extraordinary beauty in the southern and with the warmest climate in South Korea. The poeple of this self-governing province are known for their gentle, caring and hospitable ways. Called the Island of Peace by Korean, Jeju Island has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.