New Ilchi Lee Book, CONNECT, Sharpens Clarity to Beat Frustration

When you feel frustrated, what do you think is the cause? Is it things in your life not going your way, or disappointment in your own abilities? When you hit those walls says Ilchi Lee, New York Times bestselling author of CONNECT: How to Find Clarity and Expand Your Consciousness with Pineal Gland Meditation (Best Life Media 2019), at their foundation, there’s always only one cause: disconnection. Most importantly, it’s diconnection from yourself.

How can you be disconnected from yourself? According to Lee, each of us has an essential nature that has nothing to do with the presence of our body. We can live aware of this nature and its truths and wishes, or we can live oblivious to it (or somewhere in between). When you bring your awareness inside yourself and use your inner eye to see your true nature, you can see past the walls and limitations that are making you frustrated—whether those walls originate from inside of you or outside.

That inner eye, or “third eye,” Lee says, is our pineal gland. In CONNECT, he describes many ways to open and strengthen this eye so that you can not only be connected with yourself, but also everyone else, and even the earth. Imagine if you could feel peace in the midst of chaos, love in the face of judgment, or joy in the face of failure. How different would your life, and even the world be?

Ilchi Lee’s pineal gland meditation methods, while possibly sounding grand and esoteric, are actually quite simple. Even if you are someone who has a hard time concentrating or staying still, you can use Lee’s methods to get into a meditative state.

These methods use the energy principles discovered since ancient times in Asia, especially in his native Korea, to clear away new and old thoughts and emotions that are clouding up or discoloring your inner sight. And he uses them to bulk up your inner strength and turn up your inner brightness. You can even use them to help your body heal itself of any aches, pains, or imbalances you may have.

CONNECT will be officially released July 15th, but you can pre-order it now at major online booksellers. At the time of its release, you’ll be able to experience it as a paperback, Kindle ebook, or audiobook. Learn more about the book at