Highlights from the 1st Earth Citizen Peace Festival

The 1st Annual Earth Citizen Peace Festival brought together 1000 people from around the world in Kerikeri, New Zealand. And we bring you the highlights!

Friday night, January 27, 2017 was an outdoor fair with performances, food, and a raffle. Local dance groups were joined by dancers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Korea, martial arts performers from South Korea and the UK, and South Korean drummers.









The morning of Saturday, January 28, 2017 was the main event, Earth Citizens Come Together. It began with cultural performances from a Maori performance group and a South Korea breakdance crew. Congratulatory messages followed, and the Deputy Mayor of the Far North District Council, Tania McInnes, gave her support for Earth Citizen values in a speech. Then Ilchi Lee gave the keynote lecture, and representatives from nine countries recited the Earth Citizen Declaration.






In the afternoon, a symposium was held called The Brain, Earth Citizenship, and Our Global Future. At the end, members of the Body & Brain Yoga center in Auckland sang a Maori song, and then the Global Scholars Society for Earth Management was founded.



The Earth Citizen Peace Festival felt like a big reunion where people were inspired to do more in their communities to tell others about Earth Citizenship.

First Annual Earth Citizen Peace Festival: Let’s Inspire the World

Ilchi Lee- First Annual Earth Citizen Festival Poster

It strives forward, the Earth Citizen Movement that Ilchi Lee created, gathering more and more people who understand that they are not just a citizen of one particular country and not just a member of any one group—they are citizens of the earth. They love the earth and want to take care of it.

At the 1st Annual Earth Citizen Peace Festival, which will be held in Kerikeri, New Zealand on January 27-28, 2017, the meaning of being an Earth Citizen will be celebrated. Among the festivities, however, is a symposium that will expand our ideas of Earth Citizenship. It will explore the intersection between being healthy naturally, the importance of the gut to overall well-being, the power of the brain, and solutions to the problems facing humanity and the planet today.

The small town of Kerikeri on the North Island of New Zealand was also chosen by Ilchi Lee as the site of a new Earth Village, where Earth Citizens from around the world can learn and practice an Earth Citizen lifestyle—one that is in harmony with the earth and everything that calls it home. The pristine and amazing natural beauty and Maori cultural heritage that New Zealand is known for come together in Kerikeri; it is a place where, Ilchi Lee says, nature’s energy is strong and you can feel your own true nature easily. The Earth Citizen Festival will introduce Kerikeri to the world as an Earth Citizen hub.

With the festival title, “Kia Ora: Let’s Inspire the World,” the organizers hope the festival will inspire the people of the world to keep the earth and its people healthy and well (kia ora is a Maori greeting that literally means “be healthy/well”). This wish has driven Ilchi Lee and the Earth Citizen Movement to where it is today.

The Earth Citizen Peace Festival is hosted by the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO), the International Brain Education Association (IBREA), and Meditation Tour LTD. These non-profit and for-profit organizations are major players in the Earth Citizen Movement and/or the development of the Earth Village in Kerikeri.

To learn more about the Earth Citizen Peace Festival, visit its website at EarthCitizenFestival.com.

New ECO Learning Center Opens

Ilchi Lee at the ECO Learning Center ribbon cutting ceremony
Ilchi Lee and other VIPs cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening of the ECO Learning Center

Ilchi Lee attended the grand opening of the ECO Learning Center in Cottonwood, AZ last Tuesday, September 20, 2016. The center is run by the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO), which Ilchi Lee founded in order to share the Earth Citizenship idea that the earth should be the central value on which individuals, organizations, and nations based their decisions.

ECO supporters
ECO supporters stand by Earth Citizenship values.

ECO has been training Earth Citizens leaders who teach mindful and sustainable living in their communities. Through supporter donations, they have built the ECO Learning Center to facilitate and grow their mission. Through the center and the leaders it trains, ECO is helping people to “LIVE ECO,” which means

1. Be kind.
2. Don’t waste.
3. Exercise inside out. (Don’t just exercise your muscles. Instead strengthen your core and act genuinely.)

ECO’s new motto is to LIVE ECO.

Ilchi Lee was very pleased that the land he purchased about twenty years ago was more actively fulfilling its purpose of serving the community and the Earth.

Earth Citizen Consciousness

Earth Citizen by Ilchi LeeOurs is a society in which citizens worry about their country more than the state worries about its citizens. Therefore, citizen consciousness is gradually becoming more important.

What kind of consciousness should citizens have? Ilchi Lee says should have an Earth Citizen consciousness. Earth Citizens, as defined by this New York Times bestselling author, are people who look to benefit all, the whole earth. Their concern transcends the borders of nations and the divisions between religions. With such a wide and lofty spirit and philosophy, Earth Citizens can change individual lifestyles and social policies.

Their awareness that everything on Earth (and everywhere) is interconnected drives Earth Citizens to overcome any doubt, fear, depression, or anger they may face in their lives and act for the good of all. The thoughts, words, and actions of Earth Citizens are harmonious with treating themselves well as they treat all others well. When they make decisions, for each option they consider, they ask themselves, “Is this good for me, for others, and for the Earth?” The options they choose are the ones for which they can answer yes to all three.

Why live as an Earth Citizen? Because an Earth Citizen consciousness and lifestyle is one that makes you profoundly peaceful and happy. And when you do things that are good for you, but not good for others and the Earth, the negative consequences that result will affect you someday. We breathe the same air, drink the same water, and walk on the same land; what we do reverberates through them.

To spread the Earth Citizen consciousness, Ilchi Lee initiated the Earth Citizen Movement. The torch he lit is now being carried by thousands of others, organized by the Earth Citizens Organization (ECO). The primary actions of ECO members and leaders are to awaken people’s empathy and compassion through the mind-body training developed by Ilchi Lee. This naturally leads to adopting an Earth Citizen consciousness, which can lead to better choices for a better future for all.