5 Tips for Improving Your Recycling

Properly recycled materials are essential for a sustainable world.

Ilchi Lee is an advocate of a peaceful, sustainable world. As such, he encourages all people to take action as Earth Citizens and make real, tangible change to positively impact the environment. One such way to do that is to recycle every day.

This act takes little effort, but the importance of it cannot be emphasized strongly enough. The process of recycling conserves raw materials and turns used trash into fresh, new products, thereby keeping another of Mother Earth's resources alive and well. Keep these tips in mind to improve your recycling habits:

Prepare your cans: Get aluminum cans ready for recycling by washing them with water to remove food residue. Labels don't have to be removed, as they burn off during the melting phase of recycling. The same goes with paper labels on other recyclable materials. 

Know your papers: Most paper materials, including magazines, letters and cardboard, can be recycled. Non-recyclable papers are tissue, carbon and waxed paper.

Don't break glass: Glass bottles are recycled materials. However, they may not be accepted for recycling if broken, particularly if different-colored glass is combined.

Keep a recycling bag in your car: Many keep a trash bin in their car, but you can also place a brown paper bag in your vehicle to collect recyclables. This is an easy way to pre-sort your disposed items. When it's full, toss the entire thing into the recycling bin.

Buy recycled content: Making the choice to buy recycled materials is how people close the loop on the recycling process. After all, what's the point in recycling if no one benefits from the end product? These items are also typically less expensive. To determine if your purchase is made from recycled products, look for three green arrows in the form of a triangle. 

With these tips, you can make sure recycled materials you use are properly utilized in order to help preserve the natural resources provided by Mother Earth.

Do you know of someone who could benefit from these tips? If so, pass them along to help make the world a healthier place for this and future generations.