Tao Fellowship Part of Ilchi Lee’s Lifelong Endeavor for World Peace

Tao Fellowship founded by Ilchi Lee

As a young man, when Ilchi Lee began asking himself, “Who am I and what is my purpose here?” he stopped struggling with life and began a journey that would lead him to study, among other wisdom, the spiritual practice of Tao.

Ilchi Lee believes that developing the potential of the human brain holds the key to discovering the true potential of all of humanity. It was he who initiated the spiritual movement of enlightenment which led to the formation of Tao Fellowship, the 501c (3) non-profit organization established in 1998 to promote the spirit of Tao as a universal principle of harmony and peace. Although he doesn’t currently hold a title or position within the organization, Ilchi occasionally lectures for Tao Fellowship as his other endeavors with this ideal continue.

Tao Fellowship works to amplify and develop the spiritual and peaceful nature of the brain and “to close the gap between a person’s personality and his/her divine true nature.” The dream for one harmonious, peaceful world continues to be carried out through Tao Fellowship core teachings of meditation, holistic healing and Qigong. Learn more about the tradition of Tao for spiritual awakening and natural healing of body, mind and spirit at the website, www.taofellowship.org.