Hwangchil: An Earth Citizen Plant

A symbol of the Earth Citizen Movement that’s going steadily forward is the hwangchil tree. Hwangchil (Dendropanax mobifera lev) is a broad-leaved, evergreen perennial tree known for its many healing properties and the golden laquer made from it. It grows in any windy, hot, and humid coastal region.

The core goal of the Earth Citizen Movement—to create health, happiness, and peace for ourselves, other beings, and the earth—can be said to be very hwangchil-like. Hwangchil has a mild but distinct aroma that quickly calms the mind and body. According to some studies, hwangchil has also been found to strengthen liver function, promote healthy bones and gums, promote circulation, activate the metabolism, and reduce cholesterol. It also evens out skin tone when applied topically.

In order to support the movement, Ilchi Lee and his partners developed healing products with the leaves, bark, and roots of hwangchil. They’ve made soothing teas and cosmetics. They’ve also put it in honey and made elixirs from it. Now Ilchi Lee has received permission from the government of New Zealand to grow hwangchil trees at the Earth Village we are developing on the North Island.

See how the trees are growing in this video from Ilchi Lee’s YouTube Channel: