Ilchi Lee Conducts the Energy Circulation School for the First Time in Otsu, Japan

Ilchi Lee led the inaugural training program called the Energy Circulation School, held in Otsu, Japan, September 30-October 1, 2007.

The school is a high-level program combining a lectures on energy circulation, Dahn-mu (energy movment) traning (including his demonstration of Dahn-mu), meditation (on a ship), and energy-circulation (Unki) training. For this one-night/two-day course in Otsu, 51 people registered.

Ilchi Lee Energy Dance

Recently Ilchi Lee has been emphasizing that the key to training is communicating the power of Cosmic Energy (Chunjikiun in Korean) for generating greater health, happiness and peace. In his lecture, he said that everything is to be found in Dahn-mu, and that Dahn-mu is a process of learning how to get in touch with the Cosmic Energy in the body. Jangsaeng (Longevity) Walking is also a form of Dahn-mu, performed while walking around. He described the three stages of doing Dahn-mu: Jung-choong (Physical) Dahn-mu, Kijang (Energy) Dahn-mu, and Shinmyeong (Spiritual) Dahn-mu.

Ilchi Lee explained these nine specific effects of Dahn-mu on us:

  1. We develop physical strength.
  2. We become more proactive and passionate.
  3. We become freer and develop good blood circulation.
  4. We sweat, and develop autonomic control and stability.
  5. Our brain release stress and become more versatile, and our heart overflow with love.
  6. We increase our creativity.
  7. We feel genuine happiness and peace.
  8. We want to share love with others.
  9. We feel that we have communed with Heaven (divinity).

According to observers of Ilchi Lee’s Dahn-mu demonstration to music, his entire body exuded Cosmic Energy, energetically emanating from his toes and fingertips. In watching his Dahn-mu, the observers called it an inspiring experience that opened their heart.

Ilchi Lee Spoke on Energy Training in Shizuoka, Japan

Ilchi Lee described the nature of energy in the body and led exercises so the audience could experience the energy, in Shizuoka, Japan, September 16, 2007.

The expansive green-tea fields and towering Mount Fuji dominate the scenery of Shizuoka, which in Japanese means Quiet Hills. While no Dahn Centers exist in this area, the attendance and audience reaction bode well for opening centers in the future.

Participants from Shizuoka experienced Ilchi Lee’s Ji-gam training, feeling the energy in and around our bodies, with its calming influence for meditation. For many of them, it was first time to do Ji-gam.

Ilchi Lee gave the lecture to the audience to celebrate the new Japanese book of Know Your Brain, Change Your Life.