Ilchi Lee’s “The Walking Cure” Is #1 Among Health Books in South Korea

In less than one month since its publication debut in South Korea on May 5, Ilchi Lee’s latest book The Walking Cure became the #1 best seller among the category of health books.

Ilchi lee's book #1 among health books in South KoreaThe book describes the Jangsaeng (Longevity in Korean) Walking Method, developed by the author to maximize regular walking’s health effects – longer life, reduced stress, less disease, greater brain activity, and more vitality. He lays out the health benefits of Jangsaeng Walking, its scientific-medical justification, and the simple rules to make it one’s natural way of walking for better physical and mental health.

The book was selected by the Korea National Sport University for use in its program for improving the health of CEOs in South Korea. International expressions of interest in the book have been strong in China and Taiwan.

Ilchi Lee Introduces Brain Education to Costa Rica

The President of the Republic of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias-Sanchez invited Ilchi Lee to be his national honored guest, May 26-June 1, 2007. In meetings with the President, Ilchi Lee formally introduced his Brain Education approach, and its potential to advance Costa Rica’s public educational system.

The president has long expressed his admiration for the contribution that Ilchi Lee has made to the health, happiness and peace of individuals and the world. Often called the Switzerland of Central America, Costa Rica stands out in terms of its economic health, political stability, eco-tourist achievements, and government services for its citizens. The prospects are positive for Brain Education to be integrated into Costa Rica’s school system. With Costa Rica becoming a role model for Brain Education in the schools, this methodology is likely to spread to the other Central American countries.

Ilchi Lee introduces Brain Education to Costa RicaIlchi Lee addressed the administrators of the University of Peace in Costa Rica, which has a sister relationship with the University of Brain Education (UBE) in South Korea, of which Ilchi Lee is the founder and president. (UBE, previously called the International Graduate University of Peace, has academic programs that focus on enhancing the peace outcomes of Brain Education.) He lectured on the Jangsaeng (Longevity in Korean) Walking Method and Brain Education. Also on this visit, he devoted himself to strengthening the goodwill relationship between South Korea and Costa Rica.

Ilchi Lee Speaks on “Know Your Brain, Know Management” in Weonju City

Weonju City and Weonju Today (regional daily newspaper), in South Korea, jointly sponsored a lecture by Ilchi Lee on Know Your Brain, Know Management, to 250 heads of regional government agencies and public officials, Weonju City, May 17, 2007. At the lecture hall, the Mayor of Weonju City, the president of Weonju Today, and the head of the Committee of the International Friends Club greeted him.

Ilchi Lee speaks on "Know your brain, know management"Ilchi Lee began his lecture with the question: What was the significance of moving the value of human existence from the heart to the brain?

The brain is the center of discretion. From it springs innovation and action. If Weonju City wants to make itself into the most healthy, happy and peaceful city in the world, the methods to make that happen would become an incredible intellectual property. Transforming Weonju City over the next five years into the world’s leading high-quality and crime-free city must involve the excellent practicing of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action) throughout the city’s institutions, rather than relying on a short-term campaign. The future of the Republic of Korea will depend on the revival of regional cities like Weonju City and innovative approaches like Brain Education.

Ilchi Lee Speaks on Healthy Walking in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ilchi Lee presented a public lecture on the Jangsaeng Walking Method – Walking for a Youthful & Healthy Life, at the College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 10, 2007. More than 200 people heard him lecture on a subtle-yet-powerful new method of walking that he developed, which has makes practitioners feel stronger, more confident and years younger.

Ilchi Lee speaks on health walking in Santa Fe, New MexicoThis walking method has roots in Eastern traditional health practices, and incorporates Western medical findings. Scientific evidence has documented that regular walking can prevent or even reverse many diseases. Walking can lower blood pressure, increase bone density, and even expand the volume of brain tissue. It can also help promote weight loss, prevent diabetes or reduce its severity, lower cholesterol, moderate anxiety and depression, decrease colon and breast cancer risk, and relieve knee arthritis pain. Walking in a natural setting connects one to Nature, thereby reducing stress and heightening self-reflection. Jangsaeng Walking differs from regular walking in that it puts gentle pressure on the yong-chon energy/acupressure points. In Oriental health theory, these points are the start of the kidney meridian (energy channel), and directly related to kidney health. The method activates the power of your mind’s awareness, which has an enormous influence on the body and brain.

Ilchi Lee Appointed Ambassador for Goodwill of New Mexico

The Lieutenant Governor of New Mexico, Diane D. Denish, appointed Ilchi Lee as Ambassador for Goodwill for the State, as of April 9, 2007. The official document gives this reason for the appointment, “For his continued efforts in bridging the gaps between cultures by focusing on a shared humanity in universal pursuit of health, happiness and peace. And further does herein direct that this official expression of gratitude be forthwith sent on behalf of the people of the State of New Mexico.”

Ilchi Lee was appointed ambassador for goodwill for New Mexico