Welcome to Ilchilee.com

welcome-message-ilchi-leeDo you know
that you are the Earth,
that you are Heaven?

You represent humanity.
Your soul knows this.
Your brain also knows.
And your body knows
that your body and mind are one with the Earth.

Your brain knows
why you have come to this Earth,
what the Earth wants from you.
Your brain knows.

Everyone has a brain.
But those who know the true significance of the brain
and those who know their own true worth
are few and far between.

That you have a great and sacred soul
That the future of humanity depends on you
That the future of the Earth depends on you—
These are truly matters of incomparable significance.
IlchiLee.com was created to support you
in examining and solving these pressing issues.

You are welcome here at IlchiLee.com.
That we have met to create a beautiful world
is truly precious and beautiful indeed.

The Earth needs us now.
Humanity has received much grace and love from the Earth.
Now it is our turn to repay the grace.
For the completion of all our souls and for a beautiful Earth
I wish to be with you forever.

I invite you to join me in awakening the greatness of humanity
and in creating a beautiful Earth.
I await your ideas with eager anticipation.

Ilchi Lee