Ilchi Lee Day Proclaimed by the City of Gaithersburg

August 20, 2007 was officially designated by the City of Gaithersburg, Maryland, as Ilchi Lee Day, in a proclamation issued by Mayor Sidney Katz and presented in a ceremony at the City Hall.

The purpose of the proclamation was to honor the accomplishments of Ilchi Lee in the field of Brain Education and its contribution to the general health and physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the people who practice it.

Ilchi Lee with Gaithersburg Mayor Sidney KatzAs stated in the proclamation document, Ilchi Lee was recognized for these reasons (partial list): his Brain Education System Training is the core curriculum of the Dahn Yoga Centers, which he founded; as a leading Brain Philosopher and Educator, he continues to contribute to the health and wellness of Gaithersburg and the District of Columbia community, as evidenced by member testimonials; Dahn Yoga Center members are aligned with the Mayor’s Office to make Gaithersburg a more fit city; members report improved health with practicing Brain Education; members participated in the Montgomery County Women’s Fair, presenting a well-received lecture on Human Technology for Holistic Health; Dahn Yoga Centers provided warm-up exercises for the participants of the MS Walk; members are offering free classes at their companies, churches, hospitals and community; and Ilchi Lee has devoted his life to the study of brain awareness and its potential to improve the human condition.