Message from Sedona

Ilchi Lee

A long and winding the path has brought you here.
There is a reason why you came,
Although you may not realize that reason yet.

Please stand still and open up your ears.
Listen to the message that Sedona has for you.
The juniper tree standing in the golden sunset can be your old and humble guide.

He holds a secret just for you.

You stand now at this fork in the road of life.
A question burns inside your heart,
Although you may not realize that question yet.

Please stop and open up your ears.
Listen to the message that Sedona has for you.
The spirit of the native shaman has etched her face into the red rock.

She is waiting now to speak to you.

Many struggles agitate your heart and occupy your mind.
A peaceful center lies within yourself,
Although you may not realize that center yet.

Please stand still and open up your ears.
Listen to the message that Sedona has for you.
The waters of Oak Creek are carving a canyon under the shimmering blessing of the full moon.

They want to wash your fears away.

The coyote sings his piercing song for you
And the monsoon thunder roars her own rendition.
All of nature wants to share its dream with you.

They dream of a beautiful Earth,
Wrapped in the loving arms of humanity.
Only through you can Heaven meet the Earth as the ocean meets the shore.

Oh, friend, take this dream home with you,
The greatest Sedona souvenir.

This dream is your reason.
This dream is your answer.
This dream is your center.
This dream will wash your fears away.

Ilchi Lee, a resident of Sedona, AZ, wrote this poem to express the great love he feels for this special land and to awaken others to the potential that lies within her landscape.

The Story of Mago Castle

There are many beautiful homes and great views throughout the city of Sedona, AZ, but there are non that compare to Mago Castle and its magnificent 360 degree view. It never fails to inspire awe in the hearts of those who visit, and now thanks to live webcam technology, this inspiration can be shared by everyone anywhere in the world.

Mago Castle’s story begins 30 years before its foundation was laid, and long before it was called Mago Castle. At that time, it only existed as a dream within the mind of a single man. This man would visit the small patch of land sitting atop a tall cluster of Sedona red rocks. From this vantage point, he could stand eye-to-eye with the tops of all the familiar Sedona landmarks—Courthouse Rock, Bell Rock, and Cathedral Rock to name a few. He could see Oak Creek’s lush verdant path cutting through the canyon below as the sounds of rushing water swept up the hillside. He could watch the clouds in front of him as they slowly rolled across the crisp blue sky. The land was not available for sale, but he returned again and again, and dreamt of the beautiful home he could build here.

To stand on this beautiful spot was to be suspended between heaven and earth—its power ineffable and irresistible. For thirty years he visited the spot, envisioning his beautiful dream home, a modern architectural masterpiece that melded harmoniously into the surrounding environment.

Then finally, his chance came. In the early 1990s, he was able to purchase the land and build the house of his dream. Already in his eighties at this point, he lived only a short time after the home was built, but he died knowing his dream had been achieved.

Soon after the house was built, another man, Ilchi Lee, began visiting the site. As board member of Tao Fellowship, a non-profit organization, he envisioned the home as an ideal spiritual training ground, a place of unique energetic power. Yet, once again, the property was simply not available.

Then, after ten years of visiting the site, Tao Fellowship was able to purchase it. Ilchi Lee name the property after ancient Korean legend of Mago Castle. This castle was a place where all the races of the world lived together in harmony. The legend states that someday, when humanity finally learns to live in peace, we will all return to Mago Castle.

The story of this house, Mago Castle, in many ways embodies the principles that Ilchi Lee teaches through Brain Education. He teaches that through 100% will, human potential is practically limitless. Mago Castle was created through intense, determined brain power, and it will continue to exist as a place to develop that same potential. And it is through this potential that humanity will create the peaceful coexistence, the real Mago Castle, for which we all long.

The Sedona Story

From a certain perspective, Sedona is just a small town located in the high desert of northern Arizona, far away from any metropolitan center. Yet, over four million people travel here each year. Why? The reason is simple. Her landscape holds an awesome power that must be experienced to be truly understood.

Most obviously, Sedona possesses a beauty that is truly stunning. Her magnificent landscape offers and exquisite combination of towering red rock formations crowned by crystal-clear blue skies and surrounded by lush high-desert flora. Perched atop one of her many vistas, visitors can experience a genuine sense of awe in the presence of a glowing red rock sunset or an expansive desert valley.

Yet most who visit here acknowledge that the awe they feel goes far beyond mere appreciation of beauty. From the Native Americans who originally occupied the land to the spiritual seekers that visit today, Sedona has always been a sacred land. Well known for its healing and restorative environment, Sedona is a prime place for communicating with the energy of the Earth and for finding the spiritual inspiration that she can offer. For that reason, many people come here seeking renewal, insight, and direction for their lives.

Essentially, Sedona is a beautiful land that inspires people to connect with the most beautiful part of themselves. Even the city’s namesake, Sedona Schnebly, was known for her generosity in provisioning travelers who made their way across the untamed wilderness. Many of those now attracted to Sedona’s pure energy are also those who possess the optimistic belief that humanity has a higher purpose and that a harmonious world is possible.

It is for this reason that Ilchi Lee centers his training programs in Sedona and brings her to you through his website. It is his hope that through Sedona’s inspirational beauty, you will realize your highest sense of self, finding creative ways to live in harmony with yourself, humanity, and the Earth.

Sedona Live

Sedona Live! Webcam

Gain inspiration and determination for your life through this magnificent, 360 degree view from Sedona’s most spectacular vista. See a real-time view of Sedona’s most famous landmarks, including Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, and Chapel of the Holy Cross.

* If all you see is a black screen, that’s because

Welcome to Mago Castle

Please be my guest as you experience the one-of-a-kind view from Castle. For years, I have come to this special spot to receive inspiration and direction for my vision. I believe you can find the same here. From this unique vantage point, surrounded by majestic red rock and crystal clear Sedona sky, you are suspended between Heaven and Earth, ready to receive the special messages they have for you.

In this tour of Mago Castle, I will share the story of determination and triumph that led to the creation of Mago Castle. I offer this place to you in hope that you may discover your own vision and the passion you need to fulfill your purpose. Please make yourself at home here, so that Mago Castle can become the birthplace of a new humanity.

– Ilchi Lee