The Sedona Story

From a certain perspective, Sedona is just a small town located in the high desert of northern Arizona, far away from any metropolitan center. Yet, over four million people travel here each year. Why? The reason is simple. Her landscape holds an awesome power that must be experienced to be truly understood.

Most obviously, Sedona possesses a beauty that is truly stunning. Her magnificent landscape offers and exquisite combination of towering red rock formations crowned by crystal-clear blue skies and surrounded by lush high-desert flora. Perched atop one of her many vistas, visitors can experience a genuine sense of awe in the presence of a glowing red rock sunset or an expansive desert valley.

Yet most who visit here acknowledge that the awe they feel goes far beyond mere appreciation of beauty. From the Native Americans who originally occupied the land to the spiritual seekers that visit today, Sedona has always been a sacred land. Well known for its healing and restorative environment, Sedona is a prime place for communicating with the energy of the Earth and for finding the spiritual inspiration that she can offer. For that reason, many people come here seeking renewal, insight, and direction for their lives.

Essentially, Sedona is a beautiful land that inspires people to connect with the most beautiful part of themselves. Even the city’s namesake, Sedona Schnebly, was known for her generosity in provisioning travelers who made their way across the untamed wilderness. Many of those now attracted to Sedona’s pure energy are also those who possess the optimistic belief that humanity has a higher purpose and that a harmonious world is possible.

It is for this reason that Ilchi Lee centers his training programs in Sedona and brings her to you through his website. It is his hope that through Sedona’s inspirational beauty, you will realize your highest sense of self, finding creative ways to live in harmony with yourself, humanity, and the Earth.