The Story of Mago Castle

There are many beautiful homes and great views throughout the city of Sedona, AZ, but there are non that compare to Mago Castle and its magnificent 360 degree view. It never fails to inspire awe in the hearts of those who visit, and now thanks to live webcam technology, this inspiration can be shared by everyone anywhere in the world.

Mago Castle’s story begins 30 years before its foundation was laid, and long before it was called Mago Castle. At that time, it only existed as a dream within the mind of a single man. This man would visit the small patch of land sitting atop a tall cluster of Sedona red rocks. From this vantage point, he could stand eye-to-eye with the tops of all the familiar Sedona landmarks—Courthouse Rock, Bell Rock, and Cathedral Rock to name a few. He could see Oak Creek’s lush verdant path cutting through the canyon below as the sounds of rushing water swept up the hillside. He could watch the clouds in front of him as they slowly rolled across the crisp blue sky. The land was not available for sale, but he returned again and again, and dreamt of the beautiful home he could build here.

To stand on this beautiful spot was to be suspended between heaven and earth—its power ineffable and irresistible. For thirty years he visited the spot, envisioning his beautiful dream home, a modern architectural masterpiece that melded harmoniously into the surrounding environment.

Then finally, his chance came. In the early 1990s, he was able to purchase the land and build the house of his dream. Already in his eighties at this point, he lived only a short time after the home was built, but he died knowing his dream had been achieved.

Soon after the house was built, another man, Ilchi Lee, began visiting the site. As board member of Tao Fellowship, a non-profit organization, he envisioned the home as an ideal spiritual training ground, a place of unique energetic power. Yet, once again, the property was simply not available.

Then, after ten years of visiting the site, Tao Fellowship was able to purchase it. Ilchi Lee name the property after ancient Korean legend of Mago Castle. This castle was a place where all the races of the world lived together in harmony. The legend states that someday, when humanity finally learns to live in peace, we will all return to Mago Castle.

The story of this house, Mago Castle, in many ways embodies the principles that Ilchi Lee teaches through Brain Education. He teaches that through 100% will, human potential is practically limitless. Mago Castle was created through intense, determined brain power, and it will continue to exist as a place to develop that same potential. And it is through this potential that humanity will create the peaceful coexistence, the real Mago Castle, for which we all long.