Ask Your Brain

The brain’s default mechanism is to act on previously input information or patterns. To make use of your brain’s infinite creativity, you must ceaselessly pose new questions to it. When questioned, the brain moves actively to find an answer. When you ask your brain new questions, it searches for new information to answer them, and it wondrously comes up with integrated ideas that connect separate informational elements.

Great human inventions have begun with questions. “I want to fly. I really want to fly! Is there a way to do it?” This led to many generations of people who experimented with aircraft. Today we can travel the world because these questions were asked by people and answered by their brains.

And the more honest and earnest a question, the more passionately a brain moves in its quest for answers. If you want an answer, be sincere and keep asking your brain. In some way, perhaps unexpected, the brain will provide the answers you will need.