City and County San Francisco Proclaims Ilchi Lee Day

Ilchi Lee was recognized by the City and County of San Francisco when Mayor Gavin Newsom proclaimed September 7, 2007, as Ilchi Lee Day, in praise of his distinguished contributions in Brain Education to San Francisco and the world.

Ilchi-Lee-Day-San-FranciscoThe official proclamation made these points regarding Ilchi Lee and his accomplishments: Leading brain philosopher and educator dedicated to promoting awareness of the brain and its potential to improve the human condition; founder and chairman of the International Brain Education Association and developer of the Brain Education System Training (BEST), taught in five San Francisco Bay Area centers; BEST is reaching educators, students, parents, and other citizens in San Francisco and the Bay Area to promote their health and overall wellbeing; author of 29 books in Korean, with 12 books translated into English and nine into other languages; and continuation of sharing his philosophy and training techniques in the fields of education, healthcare, business and government, impacting thousands of people worldwide.