Ilchi Lee Day Proclaimed by City of Beverly Hills

Ilchi Lee was honored by the City of Beverly Hills when Mayor Jimmy Delshad issued a proclamation declaring September 8, 2007, to beĀ Ilchi Lee Day, commending and congratulating him on his accomplishments as a Brain Education teacher and researcher, and on his dedication to world peacemaking.

Ilchi-Lee-Day-Beverly-HillsThe official proclamation acknowledged Ilchi Lee as the founder of Dahn Yoga and Health Centers, one of which is in Beverly Hills, teaching energy-based, body-brain fitness; as the founder and president of institutions in South Korea and the United States that promote the role of the brain in creating lasting peace; and in teaching that if humanity focus on the brain as the final determinant of human consciousness and behavior, people worldwide will unite in peace during this century.

Previously, Mayor Delshad came to the Dahn Yoga Center in Beverly Hills, on the occasion of the celebration of its first anniversary of operations in that city.