Ilchi Lee Lectures on Brain Education and Global Management in Nagoya, Japan

Ilchi Lee spoke on the issues of global peace and Brain Education to a public lecture program in Nagoya, Japan, September 15, 2007.

This topic is one that  the audience wanted to hear about and so it received their full attention.

To customize his lecture to the unique situation of each city’s audience, Ilchi lee began with a session explaining Brain Education and then listening to the sharing of members whose lives have changed as a result of Brain Education.

Ilchi Lee began by describing his meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Ban, Ki-moon, saying that the biggest problems facing the world today are global warming, war and hunger. he emphasized that the source of all these problems is in the human brain. He affirmed that brain and global management must be well performed in order to overcome these problems.

Ilchi Lee went on describe in detail the Three Principles of BOS, which comprise a method of managing the brain. This resulted in an enthusiastic response from the audience for this fun explanation that combines brain science and Brain Education.

As the participants experienced music and Ji-gam traning to open the heart, and the Jangsaeng Walking Method, they were able to understand with their bodies what utilizing the brain really means. These participants were invited to join in the 21-Day Miracle Creation Training. Their response was very positive.

The lecture gave Ilchi Lee and the audience to celebrate the new Japanese translation of Human Technology, publishing in May 2007.

Ilchi Lee Day Proclaimed by City of Beverly Hills

Ilchi Lee was honored by the City of Beverly Hills when Mayor Jimmy Delshad issued a proclamation declaring September 8, 2007, to be Ilchi Lee Day, commending and congratulating him on his accomplishments as a Brain Education teacher and researcher, and on his dedication to world peacemaking.

Ilchi-Lee-Day-Beverly-HillsThe official proclamation acknowledged Ilchi Lee as the founder of Dahn Yoga and Health Centers, one of which is in Beverly Hills, teaching energy-based, body-brain fitness; as the founder and president of institutions in South Korea and the United States that promote the role of the brain in creating lasting peace; and in teaching that if humanity focus on the brain as the final determinant of human consciousness and behavior, people worldwide will unite in peace during this century.

Previously, Mayor Delshad came to the Dahn Yoga Center in Beverly Hills, on the occasion of the celebration of its first anniversary of operations in that city.

City and County San Francisco Proclaims Ilchi Lee Day

Ilchi Lee was recognized by the City and County of San Francisco when Mayor Gavin Newsom proclaimed September 7, 2007, as Ilchi Lee Day, in praise of his distinguished contributions in Brain Education to San Francisco and the world.

Ilchi-Lee-Day-San-FranciscoThe official proclamation made these points regarding Ilchi Lee and his accomplishments: Leading brain philosopher and educator dedicated to promoting awareness of the brain and its potential to improve the human condition; founder and chairman of the International Brain Education Association and developer of the Brain Education System Training (BEST), taught in five San Francisco Bay Area centers; BEST is reaching educators, students, parents, and other citizens in San Francisco and the Bay Area to promote their health and overall wellbeing; author of 29 books in Korean, with 12 books translated into English and nine into other languages; and continuation of sharing his philosophy and training techniques in the fields of education, healthcare, business and government, impacting thousands of people worldwide.

City of Las Vegas Proclaims Ilchi Lee Day

Ilchi Lee was honored by the City of Las Vegas when Mayor Oscar B. Goodman declared September 6, 2007, as Ilchi Lee Day, recognizing his valuable contributions to Dahn Yoga and Brain Education.

Las-Vegas-Ilchi-Lee-DayBy virtue of the authority given to the Mayor by the laws of the State of Nevada and by the Charter of the City of Las Vegas, he asked “all citizens to acknowledge and welcome Ilchi Lee, founder of Dahn Yoga and creator of Brain Education, as he visits our great city.”

City of Albuquerque Proclaims Ilchi Lee Day

Ilchi Lee was acknowledged by the City of Albuquerque when Mayor Martin J. Chavez issued Executive Order 07-129 to proclaim August 31, 2007, as Ilchi Lee Day, recognizing his outstanding contributions in Brain Education.

Ilchi-Lee-Day-AlbuquerqueThe executive order “encouraged all citizens to celebrate this distinguished friend of our community.”

In the Executive Order, the Mayor made these declarations regarding Ilchi Lee and his accomplishments: Focusing his efforts on the brain because through it human being experience and affect all reality; founder and president of the University of Brain Education; founder and president of the Korea Institute of Brain Science, and founder and chairman of the International Brain Education Association; Brain Philosopher and Educator continuing to contribute to the health and wellness of Albuquerque; and devoted his life to the study of brain awareness and its potential to improve the human condition.

Ilchi Lee Day Proclaimed by the City of Houston

The City of Houston honored Ilchi Lee by Mayor Bill White officially proclaiming August 28, 2007 as Ilchi Lee Day, at a ceremony at the City Council of City Hall.

Ilchi-Lee-Day-HoustonMayor White presented Ilchi Lee with the official proclamation document; also attending were Peter Brown, City Council Member, and Terry Ferro, representative of the Houston Region Dahn Centers. The proclamation states that Ilchi Lee is being recognized because of his major contributions to the health and wellbeing of Houston and the world, and wished continued success for many more years.

A partial list of his contributions were given in the proclamation document: Ilchi Lee developed Brain Education System Training, the core curriculum of the Dahn Yoga Centers, which he founded; as a leading Brain Philosopher and Educator, he has improved the health of citizens of Housto, as evidenced by testimonials of its members; Dahn Yoga Center’s conduct of Walking for Health at the University of Houston, May 2007; his continued devotion to the study of brain awareness and its potential to improve the human condition.

The August 28 ceremonty that preceded the proclamation of Ilchi Lee Day was the Mayor’s recognition of the opening of the Korean War Veteran Museum in Houston.

Ilchi Lee Speaks to CEOs in Houston on Brain Best Practices for Business

To a CEO Roundtable of 30 presidents and chairpersons of a cross-section of the Houston Area’s largest and most innovative corporations, Ilchi Lee shared his views on Brain Best Practices for Business, at the prestigious Brennan’s Restaurant, August 28, 2007.

Ilchi Lee speaks on Brain Best Practices for Business

Ilchi Lee began his lecture with the inspiring business story of Ju Yung Chung, the founder of South Korea’s Hyundai industrial empire and symbol of the country’s post-war economic revival. In the 1980s, Ilchi Lee had been Mr. Chung’s adviser in matters of physical, mental and spiritual health. Mr. Chung’s rise from poverty to great wealth mirrored South Korea’s economic transformation. While he had retired from managing the 170,000-employee Hyundai conglomerate, he retained considerable influence, until shortly before his death at 85. He earned his first wages as a rice delivery boy and his first business venture was a car repair company. Hard work, creativity and a capacity to never give up were the essence of his life. After the Second World War, he branched out into the construction business, gradually building the Hyundai Group into a conglomerate making everything from cars to mobile phones.

Next Ilchi Lee pointed how Mr. Chung, characteristic of most highly successful business leaders utilized their brains in positive, creative and bold ways. He described the value of his Brain Education System Training, or BEST 5, indicating its five steps. These steps consist of principles and methods concerning brain education—sensitizing, versatilizing, refreshing, integrating, and mastering. Each step is linked in a series that lead to profound new ways to think, feel, learn, grow, and interact with the world around us. He invited the CEOs to regard their brain as one of the key assets of their career and business success, creativity in business and their personal life.

Ilchi Lee Addresses Doctors in Houston on Brain Best Practices for Better Health

Ilchi Lee conducted a workshop for 17 physicians, most of them clinical psychologists, presenting Brain Best Practices for Better Health, in Houston’s Tarantino’s Properties Building Conference Room on August 28, 2007.

The lecture was well received, as shown by the many and spirited questions asked by the participants concerning mental and physical health and the interplay between them.

Ilchi Lee spoke about his life journey, especially his overcoming his ADD condition and realizing the profound interconnectedness in the brain of the determinants of our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health. Then he described his Brain Education System Training, or BEST 5, including brain sensitizing, versatilizing, refreshing, integrating, and mastering. In this brain-capability growth approach, one improves one’s brain functioning, lessens the limitations from the past, incorporates new and positive information, and utilizes the brain-body system in new and profound ways to obtain one’s physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual goals.

It was apparent that the doctors in the workshop were eager to learn through experience more concerning the nature, scope and applicability of BEST 5 in the physical and mental health fields.

Ilchi Lee Is Interviewed on XM Radio Broadminded Program, Washington, DC

Ilchi Lee was interviewed on XM Radio-Channel 155’s Broadminded program by the hosts Shari Elliker and Molly Dedham, out of Washington, DC, August 21, 2007.

The focus of the interview was on the uniqueness of the training approaches in Brain Education and holistic fitness, which he has been developing for the past 30 years. Broadminded discusses a wide range of topics, especially of interest to women, including lifestyles, health-fitness, and entertainment.

Ilchi Lee Day Proclaimed by the City of Gaithersburg

August 20, 2007 was officially designated by the City of Gaithersburg, Maryland, as Ilchi Lee Day, in a proclamation issued by Mayor Sidney Katz and presented in a ceremony at the City Hall.

The purpose of the proclamation was to honor the accomplishments of Ilchi Lee in the field of Brain Education and its contribution to the general health and physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the people who practice it.

Ilchi Lee with Gaithersburg Mayor Sidney KatzAs stated in the proclamation document, Ilchi Lee was recognized for these reasons (partial list): his Brain Education System Training is the core curriculum of the Dahn Yoga Centers, which he founded; as a leading Brain Philosopher and Educator, he continues to contribute to the health and wellness of Gaithersburg and the District of Columbia community, as evidenced by member testimonials; Dahn Yoga Center members are aligned with the Mayor’s Office to make Gaithersburg a more fit city; members report improved health with practicing Brain Education; members participated in the Montgomery County Women’s Fair, presenting a well-received lecture on Human Technology for Holistic Health; Dahn Yoga Centers provided warm-up exercises for the participants of the MS Walk; members are offering free classes at their companies, churches, hospitals and community; and Ilchi Lee has devoted his life to the study of brain awareness and its potential to improve the human condition.